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Extermination Services

Here is the list of the different services we offer:

Dead Animal


If you live in a wooded area, it is very possible that wild animals such as reindeer, moose, or even coyotes could infiltrate your property. This type of situation can also arise if you own a chalet.

If you find a wild animal carcass on your property, do not pick it up and especially do not come into contact with the animal's corpse.

Suprême Gestion Parasitaire extermination & decontamination is an expert in the recovery of dead animals in the region. Our certified technicians are trained in the safest dead animal recovery methods for you and your family.

Groundhogs, raccoons, skunks or other dead animals

Wild animals such as raccoons, marmots, skunks, or even squirrels can transmit serious diseases such as rabies. Subsequently, if you find the carcass of one of these animals in your yard, it is important to dispose of the body safely.

It is best to learn about the methods accepted by municipal authorities and then follow the exact guidelines to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

With Suprême Gestion Parasitaire extermination & decontamination, dead animals will be eliminated from your yard quickly and safely. In certain cases, and at the customer's request, our technicians can also provide an answer as to the cause of death of the animal. Find your peace of mind with experts in the recovery of dead wild animals.



Outdoor Pest Control:

Usually, insect invasions do not start inside homes. Outdoor pests, with time and opportunity, find ways to enter homes. It is crucial to carry out holistic treatments of residences to ensure continued defense against these intruders, particularly during the summer period. Discover our outdoor insect and rodent control program and act without delay.

Indoor Pest Control:

Faced with the intrusion of harmful insects and parasites into your home, entrust the resolution of this problem to Supreme Parasite Management! We offer tailor-made solutions to eradicate ants, bedbugs, fleas, mice, rats, carpenter ants, and other unwanted parasites. We work with you to create a pest-free living space, with a total satisfaction guarantee to resolve your infestation concerns.


Commercial & industrial

Commercial and industrial premises are not immune to insect and pest infestations, which are often more complex due to their scale and specific nature. These environments require a strategic and regular approach to prevent and control pest invasions. Our service offers quarterly interventions to ensure a long-lasting protective barrier against pests, adapted to the unique needs of commercial and industrial spaces. We offer personalized solutions to effectively combat parasites while respecting the safety and hygiene standards specific to your sector of activity.

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