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Specialized Cleaning Services

Here is the list of the different services we offer:

Window Cleaning Services

Specialized Cleaning

At Suprême Gestion Parasitaire, we are cleaning experts in the residential, commercial, public and industrial sectors. Our team of qualified technicians will not leave the premises without having restored everything to its original condition, or even better.

We specialize in most types of cleaning, large and small, and we take great pride in a job well done. We are renowned for our reliability and environmentally friendly products.



For most people, the attic is synonymous with forgotten space. However, a neglected attic is dangerous. It can become a comfortable place for rodents and other animals, such as raccoons and even squirrels.

These little critters that live peacefully above your head can be extremely dangerous to your health. Their feces and urine contaminate your attic insulation and can also contain dangerous diseases that can spread through air ducts.

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service offers a professional solution to clean and shine the windows of your home, office or other building. We are an experienced team of window cleaners dedicated to delivering exceptional results and satisfying the needs of our customers.

When you use our service, we start by assessing your specific needs. We travel to your site to take precise measurements, inspect the windows to be cleaned and identify any particular problem or difficulty. This allows us to offer a tailor-made service, adapted to your specific needs.

Window Cleaning Services

Odor Treatment

We help homeowners, real estate agents and businesses eliminate odors and allergens from their property. We sanitize and deodorize residential, commercial and public properties with safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

With Supreme, microbes, indoor air contaminants and allergens will be removed from your home or business.

Window Cleaning Services

Post-Disaster Cleaning

Damage caused by fire or water infiltration can be costly and distressing for home or business owners. In the event of a disaster, it is important that damage control and site cleanup are handled quickly and professionally.

In the early hours, it is essential to trust professionals who can save as much property as possible and minimize problems. At Suprême Gestion Parasitaire, we know the critical priorities that will reduce costs and prevent further damage.

Window Cleaning Services

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is different from other specialty cleaning services. This involves protecting evidence for police investigations and not compromising the scene. Additionally, crime scene cleanup involves processing biological substances that can become a threat to human health.

At Suprême Gestion Parasitaire, we have the appropriate equipment to decontaminate the premises and restore your property to its original state.

Our procedure includes decontamination, elimination of biohazardous waste and deodorization.

Elimination of

Cigarette Smoke

Is the smell of smoke stopping you from renting or selling a property?

Cigarette smoke creates a foul odor that saturates living spaces and persists for long periods of time. Removing cigarette odor is not an easy task because the substances are not on the surface, but rather are impregnated into the fibers and materials.

Suprême Gestion Parasitaire has helped real estate agents, tenants and owners throughout greater Montreal, Laval and the South Shore eliminate unpleasant cigarette smoke odors from their property.

Our safe and effective methods will eliminate cigarette smoke, guaranteed!

Elimination of

Odors for Cottages, Boats and Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Strong odors often develop in seasonal dwellings such as summer cottages, boats and recreational vehicles. Bad odors can be trapped in carpets, furniture or fabrics.

At Suprême Gestion Parasitaire, we do not mask the bad smell. We eliminate it by destroying the microorganisms that cause it.

Keep your vacation homes free of bad odors, germs and allergens.

Odor Treatment for

Locker Rooms, Training Rooms and Health Facilities

Sports centers and healthcare establishments can become a haven for bacteria and microbes that cause bad odors. Over time, the strong smell becomes ingrained in the materials, causing visitors to notice the distressing smell with every breath.

This can lead to a reduction in subscriptions for sports centers, or serious complaints for health establishments.

At Suprême Gestion Parasitaire, we are experts in eliminating odors and deodorizing premises. Other companies can camouflage strong odors, but, thanks to our advanced practices and equipment, we eliminate the bad odor at the source; by abolishing odor-causing microbes, bacteria and viruses.

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