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Supreme Gestion

Montreal's #1 choice for all your
extermination needs!
Grand Montréal!

Montreal's #1 choice for all your extermination needs!

We can take care of all your pesky vermins:

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Fast and discreet

24h service with unmarked vehicles

Certified technicians

THE best team in the industry! Nice, genuine, professional.

Guaranteed services

We guarantee our work with post-treatment check-ups

Suprême Gestion Parasitaire is a Family Business
focused on Professionalism, Discretion and above all Results.

Our team of certified technicians travel in unlicensed vehicles and work efficiently in the background to perform efficient work without attracting attention in residential and commercial areas.

Fast service

Accurate estimates

Quality work

A 24/7 emergency service

Assistance with insurance claims

Call us for a
Rapid Pest Management

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Did you know that in most cities in Quebec, when a wild animal dies on your property, you are responsible? This may seem improbable, but this type of situation happens quite often, especially for people living in the suburbs or in the region.

It is possible for owners to deal with animal carcasses themselves, but this must be done according to the regulations of your municipality. It is also important to use proper safety measures when handling wildlife carcasses, as these can be very dangerous to your health.

Specialized cleaning

For most people, the attic is synonymous with forgotten space. However, a neglected attic is dangerous. It can become a comfortable place for rodents and other animals, such as raccoons and even squirrels.

These little critters that live peacefully above your head can be extremely dangerous to your health. Their feces and urine contaminate your attic insulation and can also contain dangerous diseases that can spread through air ducts.

Specialized contractor

At Gestion Parasitaire, we are specialist cleaning experts in the residential, commercial, public and industrial sectors. Our team of qualified technicians will not leave the premises without having restored everything to its original state, or even better.

We specialize in most types of cleaning, large and small, and we take great pride in a job well done. We are renowned for our reliability and environmentally friendly products.

Window Cleaning services

Our window cleaning service offers a professional solution to clean and shine the windows of your home, office or other building. We are an experienced team of window cleaners dedicated to delivering exceptional results and satisfying the needs of our customers.

When you use our service, we start by assessing your specific needs. We travel to your site to take precise measurements, inspect the windows to be cleaned and identify any particular problem or difficulty. This allows us to offer a tailor-made service, adapted to your specific needs.

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We serve the regions of Montreal, Laval, South Shore, West Island and North Shore.